Achieving “Je ne sais quoi” status

After the first leg of my trip in London it was time to Chunnel it over to Paris.  Just a quick two hour trip, and I emerged from Gare du Nord in the center of the City of Lights.  Paris is certainly another city in my all-time-favorites list; I lived there while getting my masters, and it will always have a special place in mon cœur.  So, while I was technically a tourist in my old home, I had a list of to-do’s which included things more along the lines of grocery shopping, hole in the wall restaurants, and stops in to my favorite neighborhood patisserie (the last time I was there I came back with 5 bars of chocolate, 4 pieces of quiche, and truffle tagliatelle from one of my favorite restaurants).  So for this trip, I also wanted to make sure I caught up on all the latest in Made-in-France products.  While I have my own faves (I’m obsessed with Garnier’s Ultra DOUX line – especially the au henné et vinaigre de mûre products designed for brunettes), I wanted to do a little bit of research to find the latest and greatest in French cult beauty products.  Enter: beautyeditor, a Canadian beauty blog founded by Michelle Villett, a former ELLE Canada health and beauty editor.



I stumbled across the blog after googling “french beauty products not in us”, and after landing on my initial results (Paris beauty products! 15 cult faves from the French pharmacy), I was soon sucked into the rest of their site.  Neatly divided by Hair, Makeup, Skin, Nails, and Shop this site is really my own little piece of blog heavy.  As a self professed product junkie (my grandmother lovingly told me at the age of 10 that I needed another lipgloss like I needed a hole in the head), the site (unfortunately for my wallet) opened my eyes to a whole new set of goods I hadn’t even realized were out there (I DO need to try that Aztec secret healing clay.  Right?)

Chock full of great tips and tricks (posts like “How to make your lipstick last a ridiculously long time“, and  “If you need glasses, you probably need these makeup tips“), the posts are written in a totally relatable tone that makes you feel like you’re just chatting with a girl friend.  Couple that with the fact that, while they give you a behind the scenes look at celeb and runway style, they realize it may not be realistic for everyday life (apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought Emily Blunt’s Met Gala makeup looked cool yet crazy all at the same time).



I totally appreciate that while they’re upfront when they’re reviewing a sponsored item, most of the products they post are actually sent to them free of charge (wait–how do I become a contributor?), but they really do always stick to the latest and greatest.  After loosing myself in the site for a few (ahem) hours, I realized this might just make my daily reads! Sorry Grandma–looks like I’m going to be buying a lot more lipgloss!