The Breakfast Club

On the first day of my trip, I arrived in one of my most favorite cities in the world, London, running on about two hours of sleep after an overnight flight.  As is always the case when you really want to check in to your hotel, our room wasn’t ready, but we were told that if we hurried, we could probably make the tail end of breakfast in the dining room.  Luckily, we made it with almost seconds to spare, and instantly after placing my order, there was hot a piping hot cup of much needed coffee in front of me.  This was when the fun began.  First: when you ask for cream with your coffee in London, they really mean CREAM.  It’s full on (read: FULL FAT) that is so dense it almost reminds me of the consistency of melted ice cream.  In other words, it was perfection.  I had ordered a full English breakfast, because…you know: “When in Rome” and all that.  To make a long story short, while the breakfast was fabulous, I’m really glad I only looked up the details of black pudding long after I ate it (Click the link if you really want to know, but I’ll spare you the details.  You’re welcome.)

Royal guards on The Mall

Royal guards on The Mall

So after this auspicious kickoff, when I came across the blog The London Review of Breakfasts, I knew I had my perfect post-trip blog.  The blog has been around for a while, but don’t let the simple layout and lack of ads fool you: this is quality content.  It’s full of great recommendations, and wittily written (sometimes scathing) reviews, from a team that has essentially declared a war on bad breakfast in London, claiming that they’ve “had enoeuf” (if you don’t get that joke, please stop reading this blog immediately).


You can browse by areacontributor and restaurant name.  The site also features a “Special Dispatches” section with a selection of breakfasts from around the UK (Bedford to York), and even around the World (Australia to the US).  Another section titled “Opinions & Eggitorials” features an Open Letter to the most recent  US presidential candidates inviting them to a breakfast in Ohio, and requesting that they “please contact us soon to ensure that your schedule can be arranged to accommodate ours.”  It is this sarcastic, blatantly British humor that makes TLROB such a winning site.  Don’t get me wrong–I LOVE breakfast.  I’ve been known to throw quite the brunch (I assure you–it’s mind-blowing).  But at the end of the day, despite the bravado, The London Review of Breakfasts knows it’s a breakfast site. But why shouldn’t it be taken very seriously.  After all: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.