Bon Voyage

In deciding what blog to blog about this week, I thought it would be completely apropos to find a travel blog, as I’m getting ready to set off on a trip myself.  If nothing else I figured it would serve as a great inspiration for my plans.  I was looking for lush vistas, inspiring views, and dreamy beaches, but instead what I got was a lot of bare bones, blah sites.  That is until I came across Canvas of Light.  To be fair, this is actually a travel blog that sits along side the bloggers personal photography website, but it’s nonetheless extremely engaging.


As I mentioned, I had very specific ideas as to what I was looking for in a travel blog, so when I read about him on The Huffington Post, saying he was the “Best travel photographer on the internet. There is no reason to beat around the bush”, I had a feeling I was on the right track.  Add that to the fact that he adores Paris, and I was in blogger-love.

photosite 2

I consider myself fairly well-traveled, but I still have a zillion places on my wish list, and know that realistically I will probably never make it to a lot of them.  That’s where a site like Canvas of Light comes in.  The photos are so beautifully shot, you feel like you took the trip, and were lucky enough to go to insert location here on the best day of the whole year.  He captures the best colors of my favorite season (Fall) in the US, in such perfection that the east coast tourism boards should be begging him for shots for their Fall Foliage campaigns (they really should – he even includes a handy link to buy his images for commercial use).  Plus, if you see something that really calls to you, you can buy a print, or even send it as a card OR ecard (how’s that for a multi-service site?)


He lives in Thailand, so he has the benefit of drawing from an exotic locale everyday, but that said there is still quite a bit of variety.  From Grenada,  to the French Countryside, and even to some great photo tutorials, there is something to view for every kind of traveler.  It’s definitely been a site that’s made me add a few new spots to my bucket list.