To tee it off? A Blog Role

I find that the best way to judge a blogger, is by what they’re reading. Note to other bloggers: please keep your blog role up to date.  If I click a link on your blog role, only to be led to a page that hasn’t been updated since 2008, chances are you aren’t reading it on the regular (and if you are, it’s time to let go).

My goal on this blog is to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest, but I thought the easiest way to kick things off would be to give you a quick snapshot of my daily reads (besides my horoscope of course. But while you’re asking, I read 4 daily: ,, and then monthly I read the bible:  You can thank me later).

So here’s the top 3 in my top 5 categories:


Fashion blogs:
The Cut
The Business of Fashion
HuffPost Style

Healthy foodie blogs:
For The Love of Food
With Style and Grace
Young Married Chic

Decadent foodie blogs:
smitten kitchen
Food + Femininity
two loves studio

A bit of news/goss:
The Huffington Post
The Daily Mail

A few randos: