As a fabulous 20 something in New York City, I decided about 5 years ago I needed a blog (I mean…clearly-right?).  So I set out to find a hook.  Something I was passionate about, and also knew more about than the average googler*.

In my journey to discover that ONE THING that I have more insight into than most (other than being a self-proclaimed “Human IMDB”), I’ve found that I’ve stumbled upon a LOT of amazing blogs….and obviously a lot of not so amazing blogs.

As I sent the 5 millionth email to a friend with the subject line “You have to check out this site” I realized….THAT IS WHAT I’M BEST AT! Finding, and judging blogs.

So here it is (better late than never).  The ultimate blog of blogs….your guide to the chic, quirky, drool worthy, well written, sometimes inspirational, and always fabulous.  The Blog Authority.


*It is a word….according to the Wictionary.


Googler (plural Googlers)

  1. A full-time Google corporation employee.
  2. regular or habitual user of the Google search engine.

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