A little bit of Sass

If you’ve read the “About” page on this blog (and if you haven’t–please head on over and get to know a BIT about me), you know that this blog has been about 5 years in the making.  And long story short, in all the time that I have spent trying to find an idea for what to blog about, I’ve read A LOT of blogs. But, I’ve only been faithful to only a select handful, and one that has consistently held my attention over the years has been “Sass + Veracity“.


Sass + Veracity is a charming food blog written by a totally relatable Northern California mom.  Her recipes are phenomenal, but the thing that really hooked me initially was her photography.  She was one of the first blogs I read that really made her imagery just as important as her content.  When I started reading, I also happened to be at a point in my life when I was becoming slightly obsessed with cooking, so her farm fresh ingredient shots inspired me not only to  make a wide variety of new dishes, but made my local farm market a must-stop every week.

The recipe that seriously turned me into a convert, was her Danish Braids recipe from the Daring Bakers challenge.  To give you a bit of background about the Daring Bakers, they began in November of 2006 when Lis of La Mia Cucina and Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice decided to challenge themselves by baking pretzels for the very first time using the same recipe. They each went ahead and posted about it. After the first posts success, they decided to make it a monthly thing, with new members joining in each time.  Eventually they had such a legit following, that they decided to name the group, and thus “The Daring Bakers” became a thing (and they now have a fab, blown out site called “The Daring Kitchen” you should definitely check out).


But back to Sass + Veracity, and the Daring Bakers challenge…. Before I became I self proclaimed foodie, I grew up only baking.  My dad was always the cook in the family, so I figured it was a skill I didn’t really need to work on.  Instead, I was the family baker (ask anyone: I make KILLER brownies).  So when I heard about this so-called “Daring Bakers” challenge, I thought “I can TOTALLY do this”….well I quickly found out I was totally wrong.  These recipes are hard core.  The Danish Braids recipe involves hand stretching the dough on a flour covered table cloth until it’s “approximately 2 feet x 3 feet”.  Yes–I said feet.  Instead,  I made a slightly modified version that just involved rolling the dough out a bit, and using her recipe for the filling (delicious nonetheless).

But don’t let the Daring Bakers Challenge scare you.  There are tons of simple, yet still utterly fabulous, recipes to choose from.  Some of my favorites (that have become a standard in my repertoire)  include the 3-Onion Leek Tart (which I’ve also done as a 3-Mushroom Shallot Tart), the German Chocolate Cake: Inside Out (although my icing skills need some serious practice), and the Five Onion Confit (a real hit at parties). On top of all that, take note: she has a killer blog role too!

What do you think? Does Sass + Veracity make your blog role?


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